Super Bowl Dips: The Best Spreads for the Big Game

January 28, 2016

No Super Bowl spread is complete without the perfect dip. From pimento cheese and buffalo clams to green bean hummus and a secretly healthy cookie dough dip (really!), get inspired by these recipes from Edible magazines across the country.

Photo by Carla Cook

Beer Cheese Dip
Edible Memphis

Use three types of cheese and your favorite beer in this creamy spread that pairs perfectly with crackers for your big game spread.

Caramelized Onion and Shallot Dip
Edible Seattle

Here’s a homemade onion dip that won’t leave you wondering what you just swallowed; the deep onion flavor makes it worth the effort. To go classic and local, serve with Tim’s potato chips.

Photo courtesy of Edible Ozarkansas

Root Vegetables with Mustard Greens and Turnip Dip 
Edible Ozarkansas

Serving a selection of root vegetables as dippers or each roasted but spiced differently will make for flavorful, colorful fun at your gathering. Turnips and mustard green pesto are among the ingredients that come together for the turnip dip, which pairs perfectly with the vibrant root veggies.

Photo by Randee Daddona

Buffalo Clam Dip
Edible East End 

This recipe comes from the family of a Long Island clammer. Having already perfected clam chowder, white clam sauce and baked clams, a dip was next on the list. This addictive recipe from the East End of Long Island is bound to make a repeat appearance on your Super Bowl menu.

Photo by Katie Hopper

Secretly Healthy Cookie Dough Dip
Edible Indy

Think outside the chip and dip bowl at this year's Super Bowl party with this cookie dough dip. Little will your guests know that they’re actually enjoying a healthy sweet treat. Garbanzo beans and cashew butter (or any nut butter) come together to form the creamy dough that feels like an indulgence but can be enjoyed sans the guilt.

Photo by Rachel Cole

Sesame Seaweed Guacamole
Edible San Francisco

Serve this creamy, vibrant, mineral-rich dip with corn tortilla chips, and it will quickly become the standout of your Super Bowl spread. This fresh take on guacamole uses seaweed, one of the trendiest ingredients of 2015. Not only does it taste great, but it’s packed with nutritional benefits, too.

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

Pimento Cheese Dip
Edible Nashville

Pimento cheese is a southern staple, and the source of many a kitchen table scuffle. Southerners slather it on everything from celery stalks to saltine crackers, and some won’t even consider eating a burger without it. This dip recipe from Sean Brock of Husk fame crosses boundaries from home cooks to chefs. 

Photo by Leslie Lynn Lucio

Green Bean Hummus
Edible Pioneer Valley

Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley grows some beautiful beans and this version of hummus shows them off at their best. If you can get locally grown shell beans like rattlesnake, soldier or yellow-eye they’ll take this dip to the next level.

Photo by Tracey Russell

Cheesy Chicken in Tomatillo Salsa
Edible Kansas City

Tomatillo, cilantro, and jalapeño result in a just right warm dip - not too spicy, not too heavy, full of fresh flavor, and highly addictive. Serve with tortilla chips during the game.

Photo by Earl Nottingham

Arugula & Roasted Pepper Dip
Edible San Antonio

Perfect for any gathering, this dip recipe comes from San Antonio chef Chuck Hernandez, who will soon be opening a farm to fork restaurant in the city.

Photo by Naomi Henry

Edible Ojai & Ventura County

With so many avocado orchards in Ventura County, California, and the fact that the Super Bowl is perhaps the biggest day of the year for guacamole, this recipe is a must for any spread. Simple, healthy and tasty, it comes from Paulette Lambert, director of nutrition for the California Health and Longevity Institute at Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village.  

Photo by Katie Farmand

Crabby Cheryl’s Smoked Mullet Dip
Edible Orlando

This recipe uses Florida's own abundant, local, wild-caught Mullet, which Wild Ocean Seafood Market in Titusville smokes in-house. Mullet are herbivores notorious for jumping in the air and providing delicious roe during the winter months. Native Floridians will know this "bait" fish is amazing if cooked just right. Can’t get Mullet? Try using king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, salmon, steelhead or any fish with more oils in it than a simple mild, white fish.



Photo by Fred Thompson

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip
Edible Piedmont

This dip is like having Buffalo chicken without the bones. Edible Piedmont Magazine’s Executive Chef, Kyle Wilkerson, put this easy dip together and it's perfect for the Super Bowl or any binge-TV watching.