6 Recipes for Celebrating Diwali

Last Updated October 26, 2016
Diwali recipes

Happy Diwali! The Hindu the festival of lights marks the beginning of a new year, and reminds us to protect the light inside us all. Typically, the day is spent eating small sweets and spending time with family. Get in the spirit with these 6 delicious dishes.

Flavors of India: Indian Mutter Paneer

Indian Mutter Paneer
This dish requires a trip to the Indian market for a few special ingredients. Asafoetida has an intimidating name (and aroma) but it is an essential flavor to authentic Indian cooking. Paneer is a...

Daily Dal (Masoor dal)

Daily dhal recipe by Meera Sodha
My mum and dad got married in 1975. At the wedding, Dad wore flares, platforms, and sideburns, and mum wore a red sari. They moved to a bedsit in west London with a shared kitchen and a single...

Kabocha Squash and Tofu Curry

This is not your mother's curry. Full of sweet, dense kabocha squash and light, flavorful tofu, it's perfect for a chilly autumn or winter evening. Feel free to throw in some kaffir lime or Thai basil...

Chai Tea Mix

Recipe by Prestogeorge Coffee & Tea. Featured in Edible Allegheny's December 2013 / January 2013 installment of Perfect Pours.