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9 Ways to Put Your Yogurt Dregs to Good Use

By Caroline Lange / Photography By Food52 | September 28, 2015
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What to do with those last spoonfuls? (Besides just eat them with a spoon.)

Go ahead and raise your hand if, in your haste, you've rinsed out the last teaspoons or tablespoons of yogurt from a plastic quart container of yogurt and winced a little watching it go down the drain. You are not alone! But here are 9 ways to make much better use of those last few spoonfuls next time:

  • Sub it in wherever you use sour cream—as a topping on a baked potato, tacos, or soup, or as the fatty agent in cakes and quick breads. 
  • You can also add it to mashed potatoes (or toss it with pasta) instead of cream.
  • It also makes a good mayo substitute in tuna salad.
  • Add to pesto for a creamier texture, says Amanda. It's just as good in other sauces, too, says PieceOfLayerCake. Try adding it to a pan sauce for steak or a curry—or stir it into risotto.
  • Make a creamy salad dressing or dipping sauce out of it.
  • Or fold it into whipped cream for a welcome tang.
  • Shake it into a cocktail! Really. 
  • And use a bit to make a batch of fluffy pancakes or a smoothie the next morning.
  • And, says HalfPint, if it's a yogurt with live cultures, you can use it to make more yogurt.

What's your best strategy for putting those last bits of yogurt to good use?