8 Festive Cocktails to Ring in the New Year

Last Updated December 30, 2014

From a fruity champagne cocktail to spiked warm cider, toast the New Year with one of these festive drinks. 

Poire William Champagne Cocktail

Poire William is an eau de vie (water of life), or double-distilled fruit brandy, made from the Williams pear, known as the Bartlett pear in the United States. It is generally served chilled as an...

Aquavit’s Glögg

Aquavit uses sugar cones, also called piloncillo, which can be found in Mexican markets. But this flame-free version calls for simple table sugar and is easy to make at home.

Spiced Spiked Cider

Serve this cider spiked with rum in a crockpot to keep warm for your guests.

Elderberry Spritz

Elderberry Spritz
On New Year's Day, a brunch cocktail with just two ingredients and one step seems fitting. Keep things simple, yet festive, by combining a berry liqueur and prosecco.
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Pomegranate & Cranberry Cordial

Pomegranate & Cranberry Cordial
This seasonal cocktail is delicious topped with ginger beer.

Southwest Sazerac

Southwest Sazerac
Inspired by the classic Sazerac cocktail, this Southwest version was created by Michelle Jacob, the mixologist at Gertrude’s Restaurant in the Desert Botanical Garden, to showcase our local spirits...

Black Cider Bourbon Cocktails

Black Cider Bourbon Cocktails
A thinly sliced apple or rosemary sprigs add the perfect finishing touch to this this party-ready cocktail.

Ramble On Rose

The ginger simple syrup in this cocktail is easy to make and adds a touch of festive cheer.