About Us

Photography By Carole Topalian | October 03, 2014

Edible Feast features award-winning content from the magazines of Edible Communities, we share the narratives of local food culture from over 80 distinct culinary regions of the US and Canada.  Along with content from like-minded creators, we engage you with real stories, vivid images and video, and seasonal culinary ideas.

Each Edible magazine publication celebrates local food culture season by season, community by community.  We focus on the people--farmers, fishers, chefs, vintners, and food artisans who live and work the land.  We give voice to local food inspirations, trends,  and challenges.  We offer rare access to the most influential and interested food and drink enthusiasts, all the while creating an authentic, vivid, enticing and enriching culinary experience.

Simple and revolutionary.  Eat better.  Live better.