The Art and Science of Growing Apples

Last Updated September 23, 2014

Get helpful insights from people who grow apples for a living.

Johnny Appleseed gets all the credit for sowing apple trees across the country, but it was the Pilgrims who actually brought young apple trees with them to America. Granted, those early orchards didn’t produce great fruit—so it wasn’t until the 20th century, when researchers realized the health benefits of apples, that farmers began trying to produce better-tasting apples. Today, with orchardists bringing back heirloom varieties and breeding delicious new ones, apples are arguably better than ever. Master the art and science of growing apples with tips from the professionals.

The Apple Detectives

WE NEED SIX GOOD APPLES PICKED FROM THE sunny side of the tree. Don't bring me culls, and don't bring me deformed apples picked off the...

The Bounty of the Season

Get a crash course in apple-growing basics to maximize the fruits of your labor. Learn how to grow apple trees and organically prevent diseases and pests, with valuable insight and information from...

The Bio-Rational Orchardist

At Terhune Orchards, a life-long fruit grower innovates to grow a better apple. Orchardist Gary Mount is the Alice Waters of the apple world: He’s made it his mission to produce fruits using the...
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The Family Tree to Better Apples

Learn how two hybrid apples, the Honeycrisp and the more recently available SweeTango, both got their start in Wisconsin’s Door County.